A few weeks ago, Julie and Lauren 
opened our eyes to something amazing...

The aim of Mott 50 is to provide fashionable clothes which also help to combat the sun's harmful rays.
Every piece of clothing they make is tested to be UPF 50, which offers ten times more protection than a plain white t-shirt. {The basic whites have a UPF of only 5!} Check out some of their stylish pieces below if you're looking for a fashionable way to stay sun savvy...

Though we haven't had the chance to test any of these beauties, they are certainly on our wish lists!
Clothing with UPF doesn't mean you shouldn't apply sunscreen--it just gives an extra peace of mind that you're doing everything possible to be sun savvy.  

What have you done differently since you signed the sun savvy pledge?
Three years ago this week, I had my first melanoma removed. I was 23. 
If I could go back, I'd save the money I spent in tanning beds when I was 16.
I'd appreciate my olive tone and understand that being tan isn't everything.
This video serves as an incredible reminder that we're not invincible at any age.

This video rocked me at my core. I just wish every person could see it--regardless of 
gender, race, or age. We most certainly have the power to change the perception
 that tanner is better...which is exactly why Danielle and I started sun savvy.

Now, at 26, I'm a little older...and a lot wiser. 
I don't share this video to scare you but to remind you:
being tan isn't everything it's cracked up to be.
I go to my dermatologist twice a year for thorough exams.
I wear sunscreen on a daily basis.
I've changed my habits...and I'm better off in the skin I'm in.

Take the sun savvy pledge to heart and, if you haven't signed the pledge already, please do.
Here's my toast to many more years without melanoma and to protecting my skin...
and reminding others to do the same.

xoxo Alison

Frankie hearts being sun savvy!

Hi lovelies! I'm Nicole from Frankie Hearts Fashion and I'm jazzed to be linking up with Danielle and Alison today. I'm absolutely loving the awareness they're bringing about being safe and protecting yourself from the sun.

I, like many of you love having fun in the sun but I ALWAYS make sure I am SPF'd up and that my face is covered. Not only is it important to be proactive and prevent yourself from the harsh rays that the sun can serve up, but no one wants to be weathered and leathery before their time...right?! That being said, here are some of my favorite fashionable sun safe picks!

       1. Patterned Kaftan - Coast + Weber + Ahaus , $295.00    2. Lace Coverup - Topshop, $60.00
3. Phoebe Kaftan - Elizabeth & James, $365.00   4. Panama Hat - Madewell, $58.00   
5. Ombre Sun Hat - Michael Stars, $46.40   6. Straw Fedora - Rag & Bone, $125.00   
7. Total Body Plumeria SPF 30 - Coola, $30.00   8. Anthelios Face SPF 40 - La Roche Posay, $33.90   9. Franklin Aviators - Elizabeth & James, $185.00    10. Blair Sunnies - American Apparel, $35.00

what you should know about sunscreen.

This amazing graphic was created by Pale Geek Who Burns, posted on Jane Has a Job and was brought to us by Kendall from c.w.f.h.l. Thank you for sharing this with us and our readers, Kendall! Please share any sun savvy information that you may find with us via email, so we can spread the word.

All You Wanted to Know about Sunscreen

Keep your eyes peeled for a fashion post from one of the best fashion bloggers around :)

Though we're no experts, these are the products that we've
found work best as we live out our sun savvy pledge!

What products do you use to keep your skin safe + moisturized?