Frankie hearts being sun savvy!

Hi lovelies! I'm Nicole from Frankie Hearts Fashion and I'm jazzed to be linking up with Danielle and Alison today. I'm absolutely loving the awareness they're bringing about being safe and protecting yourself from the sun.

I, like many of you love having fun in the sun but I ALWAYS make sure I am SPF'd up and that my face is covered. Not only is it important to be proactive and prevent yourself from the harsh rays that the sun can serve up, but no one wants to be weathered and leathery before their time...right?! That being said, here are some of my favorite fashionable sun safe picks!

       1. Patterned Kaftan - Coast + Weber + Ahaus , $295.00    2. Lace Coverup - Topshop, $60.00
3. Phoebe Kaftan - Elizabeth & James, $365.00   4. Panama Hat - Madewell, $58.00   
5. Ombre Sun Hat - Michael Stars, $46.40   6. Straw Fedora - Rag & Bone, $125.00   
7. Total Body Plumeria SPF 30 - Coola, $30.00   8. Anthelios Face SPF 40 - La Roche Posay, $33.90   9. Franklin Aviators - Elizabeth & James, $185.00    10. Blair Sunnies - American Apparel, $35.00


  1. love the hats! :) and kaftans just make me feel so old hollywood when i'm hanging at the beach! gorge!

  2. Loving these coverups!! So fashionable!!

  3. Of course I love the topshop coverup! So cute! Great picks!

  4. Oh the beach is so irresistable, but i highly agree- aaaaalways a hat :)
    I will have to try COOLA spf- thanks for sharing! I'm now following you guys
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  5. great post and love your picks for covering up. what a great blog!

    xoxo navy & orange

  6. I love that your blog raises so much awareness about a cause that everyone should know about - i will be telling my friends about your blog. Please keep up the good work and I'll make sure I stop by your blog to say HELLO to you again. Hope you've had a great weekend. Lots of love, greetings from England :)

  7. Loving these chic options for being sun savvy! Thanks Nicole!

    xo L.

  8. so in love with that lace cover up! too cute! I'd probably never take it off!

    found the route